Saturday, July 4, 2015

Coba and Swimming with the Turtles of Akumal Bay

Nohoch Mul, Coba, Mexico
This post takes us to our final days of our holiday.  Approximately one hour travel from Playa Del Carmen is the Mayan Ruins of Coba.  In addition to the ruins there is a small town and the Lake of Coba.  In a previous trip I had been to Chichen Itza so we decided to the less touristy Coba. Again, if you want the full history of Coba I would recommend visiting this online history. As it was about 32 degrees celcius and 100% humidity it took some getting used to the conditions. There are 3 ways to see the ruins of Coba.  Walk - approximately 2.5 km round trip and would take a couple of hours based on seeing everything.  Bicycles can be rented.  The third option is a human powered tricycle operated by one of the friendly Mayan men who earn their living by providing transportation around Coba.  We opted for the nice Mayan man for 100 pesos (we tipped him another 50 when we were done, really nice man) - primarily because our feet were in poor shape due to being immersed in water and sandals due to the storm - blisters.  We were quite tired by this point in the tour and as our tour guide had already proved he wasn't the best - we ditched our tour and rode around by ourselves.  This is also the quietest option - at the second area we were the only ones there!  Most of Coba is still buried under the jungle, unlike Chichen Itza which is very fully excavated.  You may also walk to the top of the largest pyramid, Nohoch Mul if you wish.  Based on our timeline and heat, we chose not to.   There are still many treasures to be discovered on future archeology expeditions.

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's Shaking

Mexican wrestling masks for sale (made popular by Nacho Libre)

I decided to wait until my next post to show you pictures of the Mayan archeological ruins at Coba and snorkeling with the turtles at Akumal Bay to catch you up on life.  This week:

- We ended up spending an evening in emergency at the hospital.  Hubby was experiencing some pain and it is often better to be safe than sorry when you reach midlife.  Without getting into details everything is fine and we were out of there two hours afterwards.  Our hospital is extremely old and it must be very difficult for medical professionals to work in such cramped aged surroundings.  Fortunately, our new hospital is being built as we speak and is only 2 km away from our home.  I have no problem paying taxes towards the new hospital as we definitely need it.  Sometimes people gripe about things like that - and then they end up in ER. It was an eye-opening experience. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Storm Blew Away and Life Resumed In Playa Del Carmen

Tourists walking in the street in front of our hotel
My last post left off at the peak of the storm on Sunday midday.  We had just found out the street in front of our hotel was fully flooded and water was rising.  Other tourists can be spotted trudging through the water - completely unnecessary as one block further inland was not flooded.  This was not very bright as the water obviously smelled of sewer.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Intrepid Travelers are back - Tropical Storm Bill Under Our Belt

Fisherman coming in from bailing - another fisherman is inside the blue boat bailing water

We are back from our travels safe and sound although we have now experienced our first Tropical Storm which actually happened to be on hubby's life list.  We landed in Cancun on Friday afternoon and by the time we got to the hotel it was quite cloudy but calm.  We ventured out for a fantastic first night meal of tacos and shrimp and wandered out to the beach to see fishermen trying to take those boats that could be beached out of the water and hotels tucking away all their seafront tables and chairs.  The concierge at our small Mexican hotel mentioned that bad weather was coming.  We weren't exactly sure what that meant as the forecast on all the weather channels indicated possible thunderstorms with a few millimetres of rain - no mention of a storm approaching.  Obviously the locals are much more in tune with their own weather.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Spending The Moolah & Vacation Time!

1.  I bought a new bathing suit on the weekend.  I have two others, one 7 years old and one 10 years old.  Both were well past their best-by date and will now be solely used in the hot tub as the chemicals eat up bathing suits.  I found a nice one but had to spend $47 as ended up buying a tankini with separate bottom and top sizes.  No big surprise there as I am rather large up top.  I also spent $8 on new water shoes.  These along with underwear likely will be my only new clothing purchases in 2015 for my wardrobe.  Everything else will come from thrift stores.  I HATE shopping for swimsuits.  Who doesn't, right?  So after trying on several I finally found one that works (hubby even likes it), got dressed, paid and came home. Then I realized that when I got dressed I put my shirt back on inside out.  Hubby was with me and didn't notice either.  I found out when I looked in the mirror at home. FRACK!  I went through the store, through the till and all the way home before the discovery. Talented, aren't I?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's Up?

For the second time in two weeks Buddy is back to wearing the cone of shame so he won't lick his new incisions.  I didn't want to post another embarrassing photo of him so you get the cartoon instead.  He got "fixed", tattooed and microchipped yesterday.  Fortunately due to lots of tug play in the last two weeks we managed to get all his offending baby teeth (two were not coming out as new ones were coming in) out and no teeth had to be removed at the same time.  He is an extremely high energy dog.  The vet says he cannot jump for 10 days nor have a bath.  That will be extremely difficult - so we have had to cordon him off to the kitchen where he can't jump on the couch.  We can go on walks but no rough house playing.  I think hubby is taking that harder than Buddy.  Buddy came through the surgery quite easily and personality-wise is completely normal today - except he is not happy about the cone of shame and being locked up in the kitchen jail.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Blue Skies Ahead

We had a lovely long weekend last weekend -  managed to relax, get our yard work done, had lots of BBQd food, and even tried out our new kayaks!  They are everything we hoped them to be and we had a great 1.5 hour paddle on Monday afternoon.  This week we have had extremely nice warm sunny days and after an extremely tough work day of being couped-up in the house we decided to take a walk with Buddy down at the Marina area last night.  I never get tired of the scenery and still absolutely love where we live.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Furry Friday and Five Things

Rhododendrons in my back yard

I don't have much blogging mojo these days but wanted to let you know what's been happening:

Sunday, May 10, 2015


We have had a very stressful week here getting ready to deliver training to a huge client, many late night work hours and then this morning, just when hubby is to leave town on business we wake up to find our fur baby with a really bad boo boo to his right eye.  Off to the Vet Clinic we go.  Yes, we incurred an after hours Sunday vet bill, think big bucks.  Buddy has swelling of the cornea and he scratched quite a lot of it off overnight. He sleeps in the utility room and we didn't realize he was up most of the night.   Hopefully, with some love, cone and attention including anti inflammatory meds and antibiotics he will get better in a few days and the scratched off part will grow back.  He feels like crap right now though and has mostly been sleeping.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Screwed Up - the Food Waste Edition

The first incident - On Friday I went and did my regular grocery shop including purchasing 4 litres of milk for $4.59.  On Sunday we discovered that the milk never made it from the trunk of my car to the fridge.  Unfortunately, the garage was not cold as we had several nice days and by the time we figured out where the missing milk was - it had spoiled.  Hard earned cash and milk down the drain.